Joker in Berlin ... and guess whom he met? Posted on 12 Dec 11:40 , 0 comments

There is no one better when it comes to capturing the essence of a character and the athmosphere around him than House of Pictures. Once again she did a fantastic job with these photos of my Joker crossplay and my Friend Maria as Harley Quinn.

It was an early afternoon at a busy station in Berlin and I was nowhere near ready to dance down the stairs to the crowded platforms, but I did it anyways. Given that, only a few months ago, I wasn't even able to walk down stairs, this was a huge step for me and I loved every moment of it. Check these out...

This shot wasn't even planned. I just placed the mask on my head for there was no where else to put it while I would light the cigarette for the next photo.. and of course Sarah took the opportunity. Easily my favourite shot from this hoot.