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Skibidi Dance Video with Joker & Harley Posted on 18 Apr 10:47 , 0 comments

Quarantine makes you do the strangest things.

My dear friend Maria moved in with us during this lonely time and since no cons are allowed, we decided to celebrate our own and join the Skibidi Challenge. Check out our music video!

Music: "Skibidi" by Little Big


Volto Nero Daenerys costume featured in new FAUN Music-Video "Feuer" Posted on 16 Feb 19:01 , 0 comments

I am so increadibly proud to show you this Video of the legendary Band FAUN ... It was an honor to lend them my Daenerys Targaryen Season 7 garment  for their newest Song "Feuer" ("Fire") They woke the dragon!

Watch the amazing video below.