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Queen Cersei Lannister Season 7 Iron bank costume Game of Thrones Cosplay dress

$591.50 USD

Cersei Lannister Iron Bank Gown

The costume is ready to ship in Size S 

This gown is inspired by the one, worn by Cersei Lannister in the HBO Series "Game of Thrones" Season 7 at her meeting with the Iron bank.

Original Show-Fabric: The fabric used for this costume is the exact same that was used in the show. It is the same fabric from the same factory as the one Lena Headey wears.

The dress can be ordered either with full lining, or, for a more climate forgiving dress, with only the collar lined. A slim fit design with an A-Line skirt-part and it's standing collar is what makes Cersei's dresses so uniform looking. The fabric reminds of the gambesons as worn by soldiers and the plain black colour without any embroidery or other embellishment leave all the attention to the marvellous structure of the scale fabric. This dress has no train and no hoop skirt is necessary. This makes the garment extremely comfortable to wear and at the same time easy to put on since it closes with a hiden zipper in the back.