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Have something made just for you!

And this is how it works:

First gather pictures, or sketches and ideas for what you are looking for. Then mail me a description using the ''Contact'' link on the top right of this page. If you have a particular budget you would not want to exceed, you may also add this in your mail. Do not worry if the idea you have is just vague, or you can only send one blurred photo. I will then get back to you with ideas for the construction and/or an estimate of the processing time and pricing involved. In the following process we will be working together closely. As soon as we agreed on a shape, colour, fabric, technique etc. the working process can begin. 

Commissions do NOT need to be paid in full up front!

If what you are looking for is nothing I have ever made before, all you need to pay up front is a deposit of 50%. This includes material costs aswell as a part of the working time your costume will take. I will keep you informed during the working process and will get back to you with pictures of the result. You will have the possibility to point out adjustments or changes you'd want me to do until you are happy with the result.
As soon as the costume is finished, and you are happy with what you see, the remaining bill is due. Your costume will then be shipped as soon as the payment is made. Full tracking information will be provided via mail, so you can track you parcel on it's way.
If for any reason you are not willing to proceed or made up your mind after material has been bought, the deposit will be kept as a compensation. Deposits for first-time-commissions are non refundable.

If you have any questions, I am more than happy to help. Just feel free and mail me, using the form below.
PLEASE NOTE: Since I am a one-man-business and hence am doing all the crafting, social networks, website, webstore, accounting, marketing and customer communication at the same time, it might take up to two days for me to reply to any inquiries.
Telefon: +491520-1513852
E-Mail: voltonero@yahoo.de

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