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Nymeria Sand Snake Whip Dornish Costume Prop

$259.00 USD

Nymeria Sand Whip

The whip will be made to order. Since every single piece is made by my own hands, please allow enough time for the making and shipment. Usually the making of your costume piece will not take longer than a month, but the time frame may differ depending on the current number of orders. In case you want me to keep to a particular deadline, please just mail me before the purchase. 

This prop is inspired by the Dornish weapons in HBO's show "Game of Thrones".
It is named after Nymeria Sand, Oberyn Martell's bastard daughter and notorious sand snake.
In the books Obara fought with spear and whip, whereas in the HBO-show it is her sister Nymeria Sand, who carries the whip. This piece is recreated from the HBO design of Nymerias whip, but not official merchandise!

It is 135" inches long and comes greased and ready to crack. The whip itself is made of a very robust faux leather, the whip-end however, is real leather. This prop is an actual whip and does work and crack when used correctly. However I would recommend not to overwork it, since it is not made for the daily use. The decorative snake has a modeling compound core that is covered with worbla, hand molded and handpainted. Two rhinestone beads serve as eyes and imitate deadly poison crystals.

Please do not hesitate to mail me with any questiones that may occur!

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