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Star Wars Episode II Padme Cosplay Costume Snowbunny Amidala

$750.00 USD

Star Wars Padme Costume Episode II

The costume is made to order.

Since every single piece is made by my own hands, please allow enough time for the making and shipment. Usually the making of your costume will not take longer than three months, but the time frame may differ depending on the current number of orders. In case you want me to keep to a particular deadline, please just mail me before the purchase. Please do not hesitate to ask questions!


This suit is based on the costume worn by Natalie Portman as Padme/Amidala in Star Wars Episode II. The base (shirt and pants) is made of a firm and opaque white strech fabric for a perfect and comfortable fit. The pouch is fully funtioning and can be detached from the belt easily. The costume is slim fit, but a professional cut and stretch parts makes it still very comfortable and easy to move in. 

Basic costume includes:

- shirt and pants

- faux leather belt with pouch

- two bracers


Extended version includes:

- basic costume

- wide whool cape


Snowbunny version includes:

- basic costume

- snowbunny cape with blue fur trim 

- extra fur trim for you to attach to gloves or boots.


Please make sure you add your measurements to your order notes, or send them to me via email using the contact-form.

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